When Perfection Matters

We meticulously select each stone

Capital Stoneworks has over two decades of experience with fabricated cut stone. We source from the best quarries and hand pick stones for our clients. Rest assured that we will provide the perfect match for your architectural project.

We source all cut stone needs such as stone columns, balustrades, fireplaces, fountains, window and door molding, veneer cladding, and wall caps for home or commercial applications. Call us today or stop by one of our showrooms.


  • More consistent color than other natural stone products.
  • Softer stone making custom hand carving and fabrication affordable.
  • Most commonly used in above grade applications.
  • Limestone has been used in iconic buildings such as the empire State building, US Pentagon, National Cathedral.

High Density Limestones

  • Multiple uses from paving, counters to veneers.
  • Domestically sourced to maintain availability.
  • Comprised of high density limestone with low absorption and high compression strength.

Americana Granite

  • Most commonly used as a durable material at or near grade.
  • Domestically sourced granite will help reduce lead times, quality control and pricing.
  • High density granite with low absorption and high compression strength makes makes it the preferred commercial building material.
  • Americana granite is available for an alternate to the over sea granite for all practical reasons.